Chocodim was founded in 2009 by Dimitri Daskalides but his family history can be traced back all the way to 1760…


The Daskalides family provided the Sultan of Constantinople with their famous “Marrons Glacé”, candied chestnuts and fruits. Our family members have been crafting sweets for generations including the famous Turkish delights (an Anatolian honey nougat), a delicacy that can be traced back to Greek antiquity.


Jean Frederic & Georges Krieger-Fritz made Belgian fries and Belgian chocolate-coated waffles very popular in Belgium.


Exhibiting candied fruits, nuts, almonds, nougats from Cappadocia at the Ottoman empire pavilion during the international fair in Brussels, Leonidas and Dimitri Kestekidès have the idea to dip them into chocolate, the famous Belgian chocolate bonbons ‘’Mendiants’’ were born ( Meyve Tabagi).


At the Universal exhibition of St Louis, Missouri, Leonidas Kestekidès was exhibiting the Belgian Fritz waffles and Belgian chocolate. Next booth was a vendor of frozen sorbets, Abe Doumar, together they got the idea to roll the warm waffles into cones to serve the sorbets and pour chocolate on the sorbets. The ice cream cones were born and the first time Chocolate was used on Ice cream.

1910 & 1913

Leonidas Kestekidès exhibits at both Brussels and Ghent Universal exhibitions and wins medals for the creation of the “ Orangettes“ (candied orange peels sliced and covered with chocolate).


Opening of the largest Tea room in Europe called ‘Fritz-Daskalidès’. Inside there were 1200 seats and they served chocolate, pastries, waffles and ice cream.


The famous white chocolate pralines filled with light coffee-cream also know as “Manons” were invented by Dr. Jean Daskalides and Basil Kestekides. In 1935 at the Brussels World Fair “Manons” became the icon of the Belgian chocolate assortments.


Basile Kestekides opens the first Chocolate shop with windows permanently open to the street in Brussels, he calls the store Leonidas in memory of his uncle while his sister and brother in law start to expand the Daskalides Belgian chocolate brand.


Dimitri Daskalides becomes apprentice in the family business at Leonidas in Brussels and Daskalides in Ghent.


Dimitri opens ‘Deliska Tradition’ in Orlando, Florida and starts the importation of Belgian chocolate to North America.


‘Deliska Tradition’ opens a new production plant in Montreal, Canada dedicated to the production of Chocolate fondues and cakes filled with liquid chocolate in their center.


Wonder Chocolates under the Chocodim and Deliska Tradition brands are launched in Montreal, Canada.
Wonder chocolates™ are multi-purpose premium Belgian Chocolate types used for ice cream dipping, chocolate fondues and enrobing


Chocodim enters into a cooperation with Georgy Helssen, long time Belgian chocolate expert, for the production of callets in Belgium.


Georgy Helssen becomes co-owner of the company.


Chocodim plans to launch its first consumer product range in the fall.


Planned increase of the production capacity.