Chocodim was established in 2009 but has a great history of family members that have invented several of the most iconic Belgian sweets and chocolates.

Today, Chocodim is specialized in making multi-purpose chocolate callets. These callets are easy-to-use chocolate drops made from the best cocoa beans and blended by Belgian master chocolatiers. Due to their shape, they are handy to dose. They melt quickly in a normal pan, au bain-marie and even in the microwave. Ideal for sauces, mousses, desserts, ice cream, chocolate milk, etc.


“A spectrum of flavor for a variety of applications.”

Chocodim is recognized for the high-quality Belgian chocolate we produce. Our chocolates are made in two modern automated factories in Belgium, one for liquid chocolate packed in pails or tubs and another for production of chocolate drops packed in cartons or doypacks. In 2020 we’re planning on opening a brand-new factory to double our production capacity.

Our premium chocolate is distributed in North America, Europe and Asia. The products are supplied to industrial Ice cream and biscuit manufacturers, chocolate retail chains, bakery chains, ice cream parlours, confectionery shops and food service distributors.

Chocodim’s ultimate goal is to produce Belgian chocolate products of superior quality adapted to our costumer’s needs.